Five Nights at Freddys 4

About Five Nights At Freddy's 4

You reached the last part of this indie point-and-click survival horror Five Nights' At Freddy's game. You now need to survive 5 last nights in Fnaf 4. Security office is not your place to guard anymore, you will find yourself in a child's bedroom this time. There are no cameras for you to watch and there is no "Phone Guy" to listen anymore. You will be equipped with flashlight that has unlimited power. Use it to scare animatronics away down the hall. Be aware, if you hear the Nightmare Bonnie's or Nightmare Chica's breathing or if you see Nightmare Fredbear you need to turn on the flashlight and to close the door very fast. Doors will be opened when you walk away. To avoid being attacked by Nightmare Foxy you also need to monitor the closet in front of you. One of the new animatronics are three little creatures named Freddles, they can be really scary. As always, avoid being jumpscared or you will day and start all over again. If you manage to survive 5 nights you will unlock one extra night, night 6. What awaits you that special night, we gonna leave that for you to discover.


Use flashlight to scare the animatronics away. Close the closet doors. Check the hallways. Use your mouse to play.